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Managing Chronic Pain

It’s estimated that about one in five, or twenty percent, of Canadians live with some form of chronic pain (Schopflocher et al., 2011; Reitsma et al., 2011; Steingrimsdottir et al., 2017). Living with pain impacts all aspects of daily living, from physical abilities to mental health and mood. What’s the best way to manage pain? It seems no matter where you turn, someone has the great news that their method will solve your chronic pain quickly and easily.

Here is a quick and easy to follow video that describes some ways to help you manage chronic pain. While made in Australia, I believe the information is similar enough to Canada to be relevant. Please enjoy!

Options for Chronic Pain Management in British Columbia

There are several great resources available if you’re managing a chronic condition or chronic pain here in BC. Two of my favourites are:

It’s important when managing chronic pain that you try a few options, including speaking to your physician, about which options are right for you.

Can Kinesiology help with Chronic Pain Management?

All available evidence suggests that supervised exercise as a tool for chronic pain management can improve psychological outcomes, quality of life, and physical function. Kinesiologists are the only movement based therapists specialising in evidence-based exercise therapy. Learning movements that will help strengthen your body without aggravating your condition is an important part of chronic pain management, and a kinesiologist can help you learn what exercises you can do safely. Nervous about getting started with an exercise program? Book in now to give it a try!

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