Posted by on March 16, 2021

Technique for forearm self-care

If you work with your hands, you’ll probably notice that after a long day, your forearms may be tight and sore. I learned this self-guided tissue release technique in a workshop with Jim Billota and love sharing it with folks who need a little TLC for themselves at the end of the day. Please enjoy!

Pamela Cochrane shows how to help yourself help your sore forearms

While it is always preferable to see a soft tissue release specialist (for example, a registered massage therapist, a physiotherapist, or a chiropractor) I love having a small technique that can help me feel better in the short term. Best of all, there’s no equipment needed, so you can do this anytime, anywhere! If you find that tight forearms are a chronic problem for you, it might be time to add some strengthening exercises to your routine to help keep symptoms at bay (so that you don’t need to do so much release!). If you need any guidance with a strengthening routine, ask myself or your local registered kinesiologist for guidance.

Questions? Please feel to drop me a line or book for a free 15 minute consultation (in-person or online).


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